Cacao Ceremony for the Last Full Moon of 2021

For tonight's full moon. I am keeping it simple with a Cacao Ceremony. The Cacao ceremony (using chocolate or cacoa nibs of any variety) is my favorite Full Moon ritual for honoring what is good in life in this minute.  Since many are heading into year-end activities and year-end reviews, taking time to note...

Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!! Winter Solstice for those in the Northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice for those in the Southern hemispher, is an especially rich time now for ritual and celebration- all timed with a gorgeous full moon tomorrow and some stellar events. For example, here in the Pacific Northwest, we have been enjoying (between cloudy … Continue reading Winter Solstice

The Power of an Effective Daily Smudge Practice- in Four Steps

A friend confessed to me the other day, that she did not have the time to do her smudge ceremony lately, or smudge as often as she wished, but she knew it would make her life better if she did; "There's just too much going on," she said, exuding stress and likely guilt about it. … Continue reading The Power of an Effective Daily Smudge Practice- in Four Steps

Happy Lunar New Year- January 2018!

Happy Lunar New Year! A Lunar basis offers rich opportunies to cultivate a new year with rituals to not only renew and start fresh, but to Honor what has transpired, consider thoughtfully the difficulties of the previous year, clear and cleanse residual debris from our Mind*Body*Spirit,