Happy Spring Super Moon! The Worm Moon-Keeping our Energy Moving

Happy Spring Full Moon!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the earth is warming up, days will lengthen, and yes, the Worm Moon means our earth worms are more active as they begin to move and aerate the soil. Some also call this the Sap or Sugar Moon for the maple tapping season.

Blooms-SacredLandSageWith the Equinox this month, we were invited to think of balance. How can we invite what we need and cultivate balance to our lives. This means different things to all of us. It may mean getting outside more, taking time for self-care, Spring cleaning, organizing, or letting Spring be the natural start of a new year, however we need it. Spring messages of seeding (or Fall’s letting go if you are in the Southern hemisphere), encourage us to honor changes that is all around us. Yes, change is here. Abundance and blessings are here.

I’ve said it before here, but one good thing about this and last year’s craziness, has been getting to spend more time with my teachers; the Elders of the traditions that inspire my sacred plant and ceremonial work. I’ve heard one message among tribes north and south that I do want to pass on. And it regards how we are collectively working with energy now via our individual ceremony.

As you likely know- our ceremony (with plants or in other ways), is about connection (with Source/Creator/Blessings), adding more Earth energies to our lives (with stones, sages, etc.), and working with energy.  We take stock of what is energetically going on inside and around us, and then in our ceremony- make offerings, cleanse, release, set intentions, and invite new blessings to come our way. Throughout, it’s about working with and moving energy.

This last month, my teachers North and South, are saying something similar: watch how you are working with difficult energy.  With so much un-ease in our large human community now, how we work with energy now is important. Collectively, we all know the uncertainty, fear, sadness, and grief of the day. So how do we both work with this, and move beyond it in the most effective ways?

Their answer is twofold: 1) First, make sure that you are not just sending dense, negative energies generally out into space via cleansing (where they will be picked up). We don’t just dust it off; instead, we make sure that we are transforming these energies into better ones. Andean Medicine man Puma Fredy says ‘these difficult energies aren’t our energies; they will move on, but must be transformed or transmuted first.’  And so we work with them if/when they come into our experience. Know that you have the power (via your Divine Allies/Sources) to transform these heavy emotional states. The Elders of many traditions are calling us to remember that our ceremony is the perfect place to be transmute difficult energies into good, healing energies. How do we do this? By our words, our prayer, our breath, our ceremony, our intention, and our vision.

2) Second, for full release, for full healing, we work with energies this way, often, as often as we feel them present in ourselves and those around us. This is the purpose and power of energy work; we keep things moving. Indigenous wisdom says “we are always in ceremony”.  To me this means, we are always connected to the Sacred. Ceremony is a  natural connection to the highest vibration energies out there, Divine, Stellar, and Earth-based.

Additionally, the Elders keep saying to remember that we are surrounded by powerful spirit energies now, eager and able to help us. I think this is because so many of them stay in a constant state of prayer and connection.

And Spring means we have lots of extra help from the Earth and Elemental energies too. Extra warmth, rain, wind, seeding, budding, blooming new energies to tap to help us move deeper toward change, newness, and growth. Bring it ON!

In Sage, Love & Joy,



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