Cacao Ceremony for the Last Full Moon of 2021

Happy Full (Cold) Moon Friends! 

I love this time of year; New Year Season, Full Moon, and Winter Solstice. We have so many seasonal energies to support us now in transitioning to a new year. Our rituals and ceremonies are especially powerful now, not only for this weekend when the moon is full, but all through Dec. 21, the Solstice,  the holidays, the calendar New Year, and the Lunar New Year (Feb 1 or Losar Mar 3), the first New Moon of the year.   

As you know from past blog posts, here at Sacred Land Sage we honor the transition of a new year over many weeks, something we call a New Year Season. This enables more time for celebration in our busy lives, (beyond a single day i.e. Dec.31 or Jan.1). It also deepens our connection to the elements and the world around us and fundamentally, to light. Our ceremony and rituals help us affect the energies inside and around us.  And while there are many types of ritual, Saging (or smudging) is just one that helps us clear away old and stagnant energies, purifying difficulties, connecting us to powers beyond ourselves, and amplifying our intentions and actions for change.

I wanted to share a bit about the ceremony I am preparing right now for tonight’s full moon. SolsticeFire_6738-m

I am keeping it simple with a Cacao Ceremony. The Cacao ceremony (using chocolate or cacoa nibs of any variety) is my favorite Full Moon ritual for honoring what is good in life in this minute.  Since many are heading into year-end activities and year-end reviews, taking time to note the good and tough things of this past year is a natural way to prepare for our New Year ceremonies. The last Full Moon of the year is a perfect time to start thinking of what you do want, and don’t want, to cross the threshold into a new year. (Of course, for those following the Lunar New Year, or the Asian New Year, this December’s Full Moon is the penultimate moon before the Chinese New Year date of Feb. 1, 2022, with January your month of ceremonies).    

In any Full Moon ceremony, we recognize both the good things illuminated by the moon’s light, as well as the shadowed things to release and let go of.  Given that we have all had another crazy year with challenges and unknowns, no doubt there is much to release. And there are also many good things to honor and celebrate. Always. I know taking stock of this past year will not be easy for everyone.  So do what fits best for you, with kindness and without judgement.   

I had an interesting chat with a client today, and want to share our conversation on the subject of expressing gratitude for the good things in one’s life (with permission).

“Gratitude?”, he said. “That word doesn’t even mean anything anymore.”

And so I asked; “Ok, what was sweet for you this past year? Or what made you feel good about yourself and your life? And what are you proud of right now? Or even just content about?.” 

“Oh. Yah, “ he said, “that makes more sense to me.” 

So, I recommend find your own words. Your ceremony is between you, your heart, and your Power Source.  I do suggest writing, journaling, or pondering answers to ‘what was sweet in this last year. And what wasn’t’, to get ready for your year-end New Year Ceremony (more on that later!).    

What makes the Spirit of Cacao perfect for Full Moon ceremony and Gratitude practice, is that she is all about understanding, insight, joy and patience. I like to sip the Cacao and thank Creator/ Universe/ Powers that Be for all they have given me.  I also ask them to take away any heaviness that difficulties may have brought. I believe Cacao begins to lighten us up. 

Cacao spirit energetically, reminds me of a favorite aunt; the one who knows what you are about and listens- without jumping to conclusions about you or your situation. And If she does make an assumption about you, it’s the best one possible: She gives you the space (and shares  her wisdom) via questions and the space of kindness.  

And so, I will toast you with the Spirit of Cacao tonight, and a wish you sweetness, good health, and Abundance on this  gorgeous Full Moon night! 

silhouette of trees during sunset
Photo by Dario Fernandez Ruz

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