Plant Medicines~Sacred Smoke: New Fall Course to Enrich your Smudge Ceremony

PlantMedicines-FlierI am beside myself excited to announce that I will be co-teaching a Fall Smudge course on my favorite subjects (SAGE and Ceremony!) with friend and Cree Shaman, Sean “Walking Bear” Mah, beginning in 5 weeks, on Oct. 5th.  This is a dream we both share- to offer our knowledge of Sacred Plants to people everywhere; to see more people confidently adopt ways of Blessing, Purifying, and connecting to Spirit via Sacre Plants via ritual.  The on-line Zoom platform will allow us to do this.

Specifically, this class will be a unique opportunity to combine resources and our varied experiences; my working knowledge of growing and wild-crafting ritual sages for ritual, with Sean’s traditional life-long experience, training, and stories. If there is one thing we both share, it is the passion for ceremonial uses of Sacred Plants as Medicine.  I hope you will join us!

For more details, visit my website Sacred Land Sage.. We may have to limit the course if there is great interest, so I recommend Registering early. Included in class, is a Deluxe Smudge Kit for everyone.

This smudge course, titled “Plant Medicines and their Sacred Smoke” will be 5-class course offered online, from Oct. 5- Nov. 2nd.  You can pay in one single or 2 payments (if you sign up before Sept. 9th).  This timeframe will leave time enough for our overseas students to receive their kits in time for class.

Thank you and hope to see you in class!

After the Science

I’ve been setting aside one day a week to wake early and study in the wee morning hours. This is bringing pure pleasure~ to peel away from the sleeping household, sip my favorite Root 66 tea, while the sun rises over books on the kitchen table.



Crystals and energy.  Finally. Finally, a chance to study the things I have always wanted to learn about; after the science career- crystals; after pragmatics- chance and the invisible.  (Ha! great band name… 😉

I cannot speak highly enough about this Crystal Certification course;/ Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Course.   I’ve looked for years for the right class. Instructor Tana is a true educator- trained, impassioned, and focused to present and deliver an in-depth college-level, accredited course that’s practical in the end. Except there’s no trudging off to class with heavy books; it is all taught via computer/phone/pvt.FB group.

The course is self-paced (we can take up to a year) but I don’t want it to end…!  This class has been a sea change for me personally, and most definitely for my business; helping me fine-tune how I factor in minerology in working with crystals for customers/ clients. The class is grounded in geology and mineral chemistry, before traipsing through the latest in energy science theory, with loads of vetted references from varied authors.


Then we move on to popular healing modalities unknown and known (i.e chakra theories; there are several including Tibetan, Tsalagi, and Mayan!)  Above all- we get access to instructor Tana one-on-one.  But warning: this isn’t a class for the casual delver; there is much to read, absorb, think about, and homework! Yup. HW. Ok- back to it.


Source: SacredLandSage