Happy March Super Full Moon. It’s Tincture Time!

Each month, the week of the Full Moon is the busiest time of the month here at Sacred Land Sage- in the "formulary department".  Department meaning my kitchen- haha! For me, it’s a time of pure creative joy and is highly satisfying (next to having fingers in garden dirt of course). Full moon formulating means … Continue reading Happy March Super Full Moon. It’s Tincture Time!

Happy Spring! New Smudge Class

Happy Spring Friends! Ours here in Northern Cal. started earlier than usual, in January with rains that are still here (yes!), and ready buds and blooms. In my Natives garden I planted more local sages, and in another sage garden nearby, my first non-Cali native sages, include this beauty from Peru with giant aromatic leaves, … Continue reading Happy Spring! New Smudge Class