Ceremony for a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse~ Time to Align!

total-lunar-eclipse-blood-moonToday and tomorrow’s May Full Moon is a powerful one for ceremony, especially timed with a full lunar eclipse today, Sunday May 15. Because I tend to feel “eclipse season” as a creative time to focus ( I don’t feel the gloom n’ doom sentiments commonly described in pop western astrology), I make it a point to amp up my ceremony during this time. Of course, if you do link your chart to your ceremony, be sure to tune in to the Taurus/Scorpio fixed sign energy this weekend to emphasize grounding perseverance; (I enjoy AstroButterfly’s forecasts).

Either way- an eclipse is about alignment between big forces, making it a good time to ask for extra help to work through the personal challenges.  Below are rituals that help us honor our place among the stellar line up, and to help us open up to insights during this special time.

red moon during night time

The beauty of metaphysics, is that at it’s core, it is based on the science and events of our natural world that we experience daily.  As humans, we are always trying to sort out invisible forces, those Great Mysteries all around us. So our minds look for correspondences, logic, and connections.

And our Ceremony continues to reflect this tradition; our Ceremony keeps us connected in and to the Natural World. By making connections, based on what we see and feel, inside and out, we are both grounding in the greater Mysteries, and enriching the energies that course through our offering bowl, and our bodies and hearts. This way of practicing ritual, reflects beautifully whether you are a seeker, a scientist, a naturalist, or a metaphysical believer. Our Ceremony becomes a celebration of Divine connection, firing up the spark that mirrors the Divine whole.

Time to Align!

The full Lunar Eclipse MAX occurs at 9:11p PDT.

It begins around 8:29p, PDT, and  ends 9:53p PDT

Eclipses are very much about Alignment. Located on our lovely Earth home, we will be momentarily sandwiched between the Sun and Moon, with the Earth casting a shadow across the Moon.  This particular full Lunar Eclipse is special because it is visible in near entirety across most of the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.


Go outside. Sit comfortably (bring water, or your fav beverage).

Depending on what I need, I conduct rituals on both side of an eclipse. And tonight &, tomorrow- I am choosing rituals for a collective need for more energy to make changes, and a need for grounding in the center of a shift.

Once outside, align yourself with your surroundings: Center with your breath.

Think about what the sun and moon represent for you. Some feel them as polarities like: Male/Female; light/dark; Vitality/ Respite; God/Goddess; obvious/hidden; waking/sleeping; wisdom/shadow; Action/ Rest, etc. What is true for you?  Connect to your own beliefs.

seashore under white and blue sky during sunset

Evening: Before the Eclipse: Anytime before sunset:

Turn toward the sun for a dialog, sunbathe in the warmth of awareness. Based on your experience now, say aloud what your current situation is, as honestly as you can.

Consider this a private conversation before the Moon comes within earshot. What do you want the sun to offer you in the coming months to help you push thru, persevere, and triumph? These are also Scorpio qualities.

Close your eyes now to listen deeper. Write notes when you get insights.  Now, envision yourself receiving what you need, in the very warmth you feel on your body and face. Repeat this over the next 2 days, as needed.

Eclipse Mantra/ Prayer/ Incantation

Exactly at Eclipse time, when the Sun/Moon/Earth are in direct alignment

“Between you, Sun and Moon, I am supported; aligned and stronger. I see what I need in the balance of things; between light and dark, action and rest, female and male, and between vitality and wisdom. I have all that I need.”    Breathe deeply. Give thanks.

After Eclipse: When the Moon is Visible

Anytime after the moonrise, when the Moon is easily visible, go outside and begin your dialog with the Moon. Facing the moon, bathing in the moon’s glow, say aloud where you are on your path, an what support you would like moving forward.

Close your eyes to listen and feel more deeply. This is a powerful time for dreams and insights. Ask for insights to carry within your body; and wisdom to feel in your heart. Ask for dreams and signs to keep you going.  Envision success on receiving what you need (this is the grounding energy of Taurus). What does success look and feel like? Write down whatever insights you receive.  Commune with the Moon this way for the next 2 nights as needed, to affirm balance and new wisdom. Breathe deeply. Give thanks.


If you are feeling overwhelmed,  orient your ceremony with questions to address this, like: “Moving forward, how best can I take care of myself now?  How can I improve my Self-care regimen tonight, this weekend, and in the coming weeks?”

The Self-Love mantra for today’s Full Moon and any Lunar Eclipse is:

I thrive in all light before and beyond me. I take care of myself moving forward, in the light of the Sun & Moon. I care for myself in light and shadow all the same; I slow down and rest as needed.

Do you have other Lunar Full Moon or Eclipse ceremonies that you practice? Please share here.

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Wishing you clear skies and stellar dreams!

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