Blue Moon Renewal~ Starting Fresh


Blue Moon Renewal-SLS-aug23-21

Happy Full BLUE Moon!

After moon bathing just briefly in last night’s full moon glow- I felt a very strong and unexpected feeling. (Anyone else?)

No matter if you missed it; simply step out under the stars (and Jupiter!) to soak up the moon rays tonight!

Full moons make me either restless with excitement, anticipation, or they make me quiet. I usually try to sit with my journal to write or make art. Or lately, just sit still, listening and waiting. Last night, the moon’s energy felt expansive, and I felt/heard the word…..


Before talking about that though, I want to start witha question that a friend asked me: “Do you feel the moon’s energy for just one day, at it’s peak or dark state- for just that day? Or is is more like a portal that leads into the next phase?”.  Ha!  How I love this question!

While it’s easy, and perhaps the norm in many western cultures to feel the moon’s peak full moon energy for just one night, have you tried to carry your full moon rituals, baths, or meditations past this, for several days or a week on either side of a full or new moon? Many women track moods and cycles for many reasons. But I also believe that attuning to the waxing and waning moon cycles provides information that is useful for our personal rituals and ceremonies. If the moon affects our moods (and crime rates), surely it also affects finer things we can’t see, like our ability to focus, start and end projects, and our rich sense of intuition (how we read and sense energies inside and all around us.) Defintely worth exploring.

Perhaps, (as a scientist friend says) it’s just the affects of gravity pulling and releasing and feeding into waxing and waning cycles (and the water in our cells?) that we are feeling.  As a former scientist, yes, I believe this. Whether we can measure it or not. But it all comes down to what I feel, and the success of aligning my ceremonies with the phases of the moon (and sun) over the years. So yes, I do feel the influence of the apex peak, and dark moon low as portals, or starting points for the next phase of change affecting the earth, our bodies, our activities.

And now back to Renewal: I like the word renewal because it holds two verbs as concepts; the action ‘to renew’, and the practice of ‘renewal’.

When we renew, we resume an activity after an interruption. (Akin to our world situation now). Or we extend the time it takes to do something. (Another timely concept).

The act of renewal is making something new again; to refresh, to start over.

Pondering this, it suddenly clicked; the word renewal reminded me of commitments that I made to myself recently, even a year ago, that may need to be dusted off, reconsidered and perhaps recast in the current light. Is there something I should start again, reconnect with, renew for myself– body, mind, & spirit? Oh yes, lots.  What commitments are important now, that perhaps I’ve not gotten to, or finished with?

While normally full moons inspire me to cleanse and clear my tools and spaces (like selenite, jade, and tourmaline), this time, I knew I needed to clear and charge…. myself. Time to revisit commitments to myself, healing, and self-care.

So this moon’s energy feels expansive, energizing. Like the Cosmos is here and ‘has our back.’  YES!  I’ll be sitting in the moon glow a bit longer tonight.

Here’s a poem to celebrate…


This blue moon glowing full

past all the dull, forgotten things,

Illuminates shadow clear through.

Brings to the fore- all this heart

hungers for, bathed in blue.


At least for another night, Happy Blue Moon-Bathing!


silhouette of trees during sunset
Photo by Dario Fernandez Ruz on

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