Happy Healthy New Spring Moon Blessings

Spring Blessings to All!


One blessing of these crazy times, is that many of us have been able to connect or reconnect with our Spirit-based teachers of late from home, given all of the online resources. Now, Elders around the world are teaching more openly and more often than ever before. Virtual or not- it is helpful. Yes?

There are also more people practicing Spirit-based practices for the health and wellness of our planet, now more perhaps than any other time in our lifetime. Worldwide, from the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and indigenous Elders, to representatives of all faiths- all are offering prayers and practice in gatherings that are uniting us, creating an intense vibration holding all of us, a net of sorts to practice within. Can you feel it?

For me- it has been no small reminder that our ceremony (saging or otherwise) connects us: to Spirit, to our beliefs, to each other. And a regular practice, helps us stay strong by moving energies, keeping us from recycling the same old spent, or destructive thoughts and energies. Seasonal cleansing is key now, to complement our home Spring Cleaning routines. And the timing of seasonal celestial changes adds even more energy to the ceremonial mix.

Spring Saging/ Smudging Ceremony and the New Moon:

Because the moon’s energies amplify the energies of our Earth, Oceans, ourselves and our work in ceremony (all kinds), here at Sacred Land Sage, we love to time our ceremony with our moon’s phases. This April’s New Moon (4/23-24) and the first quarter after it, provide a particularly potent time to set new intentions as they are amplified over the next 2 weeks. Setting new health and wellness intentions is something everyone is doing right now, and so this makes it extra potent.  (This is all in addition of course to our current wellness practices wearing masks, gloves, hand washing, etc.). New moons in proximity to Equinoxes at the start of Spring (or Fall in the Southern Hemisphere), are important energetic points in our lives. We gain extra help and potency from the Universe and Heavens to set new intentions, and to release the stresses and anxieties we all feel.

Since I’ve begun to work with clients one-on-one more lately, I’ll write about our collective discoveries in my next post.  Thank you for reading! Please sign up on my newsletter list to hear of new seasonal sages and tips.


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