Happy March Full Moon. Spring Saging. A Smudge Prayer for Anxious Times.

Hello Sage Friends!

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This month’s Full “Worm” Moon is special not only because it starts a new year for some cultures around the world, but also because it marks the time of winter thaw for colder climes, and a release into Spring. There are likely many in the Northern Hemisphere, very eager for Spring’s arrival. Elementally, as the earth orbits closer to the sun and the fire element increases, we enjoy longer days, a respite from the cold, and a warming of the earth supporting happy earth worms, new shoots, buds, and growth. (For Sacred Land Sage- we’ve enjoyed our highest yield of baby sage plants this month! And are so thankful for your donations toward this work.)  I’ll post more on new projects soon.

Today, I answer a question received this week.

“What if I’m feeling anxious? Should I wait until I don’t, before doing my saging ceremony?”

Excellent question. Personally, I believe that our Spirit-based practices achieve many things for us, including grounding, and removing anxiety and fear. So, at times like this, your practice is what matters. No matter what kind of practice we do (prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting, dance, etc), our practice connects us to Spirit and forces beyond what we see. It gives us the power to change our mind state, soothe the heart, transform our energy, and improve our lives and those around us. Personally, I’ve practice Saging (also known as smudging) as a part of my daily practice for decades, and find it powerful for moving and transforming energy. I repeat it as often as needed, no matter what is going on, or what I feel. Saging was the first modality I was taught by which to move energy and tap into forces beyond me. That ceremony, and ritual in particular, helps us to direct energy of all kinds, makes it an excellent personal (and community) practice.
So, yes- bringing whatever you are feeling or going through “into your sage bowl” is natural; it is part of what is released in the cleansing part of our ceremony. Or, you can see it as making an offering to be transformed. Either way, it is common to Feel lighter after sage practice, naming and releasing them in the smoke, usually makes us feel a little lighter after saging. Another reason to practice ‘no matter the weather’ so to speak, is that ceremonies connect us to our beliefs. Ceremonial practice  grounds us in our practice and in our truths. Done often, saging holds the same benefit as all forms of prayer: we know we are never alone, we trust outside forces and sources beyond us, and we connect with them often. Regular Ceremony, helps to move stresses regularly from our body, mind, and spirit.
Bring any feelings you have to your ceremony (except doubt!- you want to enter ceremony with the full confidence that you are being supported), and offer your daily stresses to be cleansed from your body and heart-mind in the first part of your ceremony.  Saging Ceremony is an energetic exchange of sorts; we first cleanse ourselves to release what might be in the way of wholeness; what may be keeping us from receiving blessings more fully. We then voice our intentions to draw-in Spirit energies that support our well-being, in place of our stresses. Cleansing ourselves, setting our intentions, and requesting blessings are the most fundamental parts of our saging practice.

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Here is a sample prayer for this Full Worm Moon. This moon is full (March 9th, PST 10:47am).

You can smudge traditionally with any sage or plant bundle you have. Or, light incense, or a simple candle if that is what you have.  Also, please feel free to change and adapt the words below to fit your beliefs; where I say the word Creator, choose yours (ie. Great Spirit, God, Great Mystery, Ascendant Beings/ Masters, Saints, Angels, Spirit Guides), and  replace my intentions with your own words.


Thank you, Creator
for this opportunity to connect in ceremony.  
With this (sage/light), I cleanse any and all anxiety from my body.
With this Sacred Smoke, I feel my heart-mind cleansed. I feel my entire body washed clean of energetic stress, debris, and negativity,
I feel light wash over, around, and through me like a wave.
Cleansed, I set my intentions for greater clarity, wisdom, and good health.  
As the light and smoke wash again around me, I absorb Blessings
of wellness into my heart and body.  Thank you for these Blessings of strength on my path now and for the weeks ahead.  I will use them well.
Thank you.


Happy Full Moon!

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