Change Between New Moons- Stars, Ceremony, and a Solar Eclipse

Hello Sage Ones! 

Geminide meteror shower.

Last night, though it was cloudy into the morning (we got rain!!), the Geminid meteor shower arrived in NorCal with a slew of shooting stars.  Was it visible in your area? Leave a comment if so.  This very cool meteor shower is  said by the Griffith Observatory to be “…the strongest shower of the year.” It is here from Dec. 4-17th though it peaks on the new moon. Viewing is ideal now with the dark sky on a new moon. Time for some hot cocoa star gazing!

Happy Solar Eclipse- New Moon!

We are in a powerful place of Becoming; what I like to call “Change Between New Moons.” This is an important time for pause, awareness, and creation. It is a special space for taking stock, for releasing to purify, and for inviting new blessings. Our ceremony always provides an opportunity for self-care through the holidays (think spiced yule brews, teas, and treats), as we begin to create a sacred New Year. And though our year may have been a rough one- we can release it all with lots of hot spiritual baths, or in our smudge bowl with extra flame, sage, and smoke!

Because the moon’s energies amplify the energies of our Earth, Oceans, ourselves and our work in ceremony (all kinds), here at Sacred Land Sage, we love to time our Ceremony with our moon’s phases. This New Moon / New Year Season is marked by significant planetary events in Dec, Jan, and Feb, like last month’s Lunar eclipse, and today’s Solar Eclipse-New Moon, as well as next week’s seasonal Winter Equinox of Dec. 21. To some, these dates mark time and earthly cycles, to others, portals. Either way, they are powerful times to infuse ourselves, our homes, and spaces- inside and out, with new energies. What better way to do this than to use our sage, sacred plants, and ceremony to clear and release, while envisioning all the new we will very soon manifest.

Change Between New Moons:  Ceremony

This post begins a series of writings on ceremony to clear away, mark endings, and incubate beginnings- all based on the Change between New Moons events from Dec.2020 and Jan-Feb. 2021.    

I don’t like to crowd your in-box, so please mark this page and come back for more ceremonial ideas from now through the Feb’s New moon. (Or sign up for occasional Newsletter updates via my Sacred Land Sage Newsletter links on this page).  In the coming weeks, I will be posting more on resourceful ways to create your ceremonies using what you have, as well as the top “Best Question of the week”. I will also post new creations based on our California sages and current growing season with new sacred plant offerings, new smudge Kits, bundles, and offerings.  (Thank you for your support of my tiny sage shop! I am so happy to provide you with sustainable sages!)

Thank you Good bye

New moons in proximity to Equinoxes are important energetic points in our lives. We gain extra help and potency from the Universe and Heavens to set new intentions, to release stress, and to keep anxious energies moving- out!  Specifically, the hours and first days of a New Moon are idea for gratitude practice and cleansing.  


I know that a Gratitude practice may perhaps not be easy for some right now. But the harder it is, the more resistant we are, the more effective it can be in freeing up our energies. We all know that no matter our health, condition, or perception of abundance, there is always something to be thankful for. I struggled with this big time when I was sick last year, and wasn’t sure if I would make it out. But I lit sweet grass daily and on difficult days, I just thanked my dog for her softness and kisses. That works just fine! If Gratitude practice is difficult for you, break it down to the smallest things that give you joy; your present moment, feelings in your body, your loved ones, the sun, stars, rain, or your favorite tree outside; whatever makes you happy just a little bit. It all keeps your energy replenished.

Here is a sample Gratitude prayer:

Thank You Great Spirit;  for this day.

For Sun and Earth, I am grateful.

For the water of life that courses through my veins,

joining the spark of life that fuels my life force.

For the wind of my breath vitalizing my body, and cells 

moving my thoughts, decisions, and ways,

For the Earth and our plant and animal companions,

For Earth’s constant support I honor you (touch the ground).

May all I do support the earth in return,

And may the Sun bring clarity and vitality to my every purpose.


Our Ceremony with sacred plants (or incense, candles, etc.) helps clear energies and makes ready for new blessings. Clearing and dissolving old energies is a common first step after Gratitude practice in Ceremony.  Here are some cleansing rituals to add to your New Moon Cleansing over the next 48 hours.

Mindful Bathing: Water as the supreme cleansing agent; energy as rain, waves, or a waterfall blast that cleanses inside and out of the body including our outer subtle-energy body is a perfect cleanse.

Night Bathing in Stars and the New Moon: grab your favorite cocoa or brew, a warm coat and gloves, and go outside to settle back for a star blessed night bath star gazing outside! Feel free to do this inside the house near a window as well.

Sacred Salts Bath Ritual: This is my personal favorite right now in colder months. Use your favorite oils, scents, and herbs with bath salts. Lavender, rosemary, sage, and lemon balm are excellent for cleansing. Just set your special intentions to remove what you are finished with for this year, and either douse yourself in an herbal tea before bathing, or place herbs in a tea pouch, and settle in to a nice cleansing soak. True sacred baths can be pretty elaborate with herbal infusions before a soaking bath. But I say keep it simple, do what you love, and spend most of your time on the intention-setting part. Mindful journaling is always nice as well.

a romantic setting in the bathroom
Photo by Taryn Elliott on

For more ideas for traditional Saging Ceremony- see this previous post.

Happy New Moon! Thank you for reading. Please sign up for my newsletter to hear of new seasonal sages and tips.

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