Love Absolute- For Serious Wounds


I’ve just returned from an SF hospital, visiting a friend, in critical condition in ICU and who needs our prayers.  We went to see him as family, and I hoped to offer a special ceremony to him for Life Force healing.*   I write this now for others who may be dealing with this, and for all of us who may forget the power of our own prayer-filled wishes, and our practice, in the healing equation, as a community.

Our friend was involved in a road rage/ hit n’ run accident in San Francisco, and was badly injured; he needs lots of prayers, our healing intentions, and our offerings (smudge ceremony, or any other practice appreciated), to help him pull through.

I won’t speak much on the obvious. That emotions unchecked do in fact destroy lives (the other driver was found, is behind bars, and will likely be there a very long time.)  Or that it’s best to not run, but to take responsibility for your actions (there are too many live footage cameras these days for you to Ever get away.) Or that rage absolutely crushes ourselves and those closest too us; How much is lost in a fit of rage! And yes, on some level, large or small, we have all been there, whether spewing sharp words we later regret to a loved one, or feeling that sting of anger from some random driver on the road who has cut us off.

Instead, here, I want to emphasize what keeps us all alive: LOVE.

flower-IMG_8486What else could keep this human race going after all of the stupid mistakes we’ve made?! And keep making.  Yup- Love. “Love Absolute” is my name for it, and what I’m feeling right now. The kind of Love that has otherworldly, divine roots; which transcends all of our mistakes each and every time. The kind of love that carries us through, and kicks in when Dr’s and nurses have done all they can humanly do, and our life hangs in the balance. It’s that deeply frightening place, yes, where we can all only wait, hoping the patient’s constitution will kick in. BUT, it’s also that mysteriously breath-giving place- where miracles can and DO happen- in hospitals and elsewhere- every day.  It works I believe, because of this kind of intense, human, emotional need for life and Blessings based outside of ourselves, yet it courses and fills our veins to the brim; “Love Absolute” I call it.

I am a simple spiritual practitioner, with only the knowledge and experience of my  meditation cushion and a garden of sacred plants. But I think we are all tapped in to an outrageous power source that can help others to grow, heal, and be awesome.  How might it work?  There are many theories. Here’s mine.

In the energetic (invisible) world- it’s a busy place. We heal with our words and intentions, every day, a hundred ways a day- all energetically in and from this space. Er, we have the power to do this. This is the very human power of healing that we all have and sometimes share. Whether you are a licensed healer who does this work for a living, or a self-studied herbalist, a medicine man or woman, or traditional healer; a spiritual person, a religious person who runs a prayer ring, or a solo practitoner who offers quiet wishes in the sacred smoke of a smudge bundle-  you are tapped in to something big.

What is this something? I think it is our collective human power to give and concentrate blessings in offering and healing, with a little divine help.  It doesn’t matter what faith or what language you speak- only that your heart is good and you wish no harm. Keeping a spiritual practice of some kind gives us something to work with; makes us practiced in the art of prayer.  But what matters is that your spiritual intention is there; that it comes from the heart- your words, your intention, your energy. And for the greater good. It- This abundance- can be directed like smoke from a smudge bundle as you speak, your words, your breathe- offered with connection, out to those who suffer.


We can ripple out this kind of Love Absolute to those who need healing any minute of any day, in the form of prayer, sacred chants, song, and the whispered blessings that are inspired or that generate from our practice. Many teach that the energy of our spiritual practice and prayers can be amplified when needed, when we ask Creator to expand them. So ask for this- in those rare times when extra blessings are needed, ask for them. And bring on the healing, sending out your healing intentions and positivity, just like the way sound ripples out from a bell, envision blessings invisibly reaching those in need, and to all in their wake; Energy is expansive!

Thank you in advance for your prayers to my friend. And to both parties involved. May there be less suffering in this world. May we slow down for each other.

With Love,


*a ceremony using sacred plants to gather and focus life force- without the use of fire,  smoke, or a smudge spray (all of which may all introduce bacteria), to help cultivate energetic self healing.

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