The Metaphysician’s Day Planner- Best Ever

For business planning, I use several tools, from standard to stellar, most of them ideal for personal planning and small art enterprises (my jewelry and music). But this year, I knew that my sage business would be changing and challenging. Logically, I expected to be ahead of those changes; having a solid planner to help me navigate through is a no brainer, right?

Ha! So here I am, in the first biz quarter- in a bit of a scramble; extra pages crammed into my old (unnamed but beautiful) planner, trying to figure out a new tracking system where the old one didn’t quite work, giving myself more space for quarterly stuff, but looking past entire sections of blank pages in said planner (urgh!!)  And it’s tax time. And spring cleaning time. And life is extra challenging with exceptional family needs all of a sudden, of course. I find myself craving just one tiny corner of my life that can be in some kind of peaceful place, a happy order, a navigational safe haven of sorts.

To the rescue Benebell Wen and her Metaphysician’s Day Planner!! I squeeled aloud the day I discovered this planner on her website a coupla weeks ago (I was actually researching something linked to her book that day…) when I saw this: planner7

I juggle a full-time day job in corporate law with writing and publishing books, doing interviews and talks for the book tours, part-time professional tarot reader and astrologer, blogger, avid home cook, and pro bono legal work on the side, all while being a metaphysician and keeping myself buried in metaphysical studies, so I do get asked a lot about how I organize my day. How do I make sure I am on top of my schedule of court appearances, hearings, and conferences for work, my client reading list for tarot and astrology, food prep for the week and menu planning, domestic chores, personal health and fitness, and everything in between?

With a day planner, of course….a 2017 day planner and organizer for the metaphysician.

It’s part day planner–annual, quarterly, monthly, and daily. And it’s part grimoire. Carrying around metaphysical correspondences and quick reference sheets …It’s my approach to broadening and deepening my esoteric knowledge.

Double Squeeeee!!   Wait. A planner that combines my business and metaphysical worlds?!  A place to map together my lists with personal plans/goals next to my annual plan, astrology chart, and monthly tarot readings?  For reals??!!

Yup. Its true, and my style exactly. Ms. Wen is exceptionally generous in providing- along with the “basic” planner- power, health, and blessing sigils, varied cool covers and graphics to choose from, and resources from her website to add into it, all ON TOP of a very full and well-designed planner. Best part, you get to download it, and customize the planner to your heart’s content. I added the extra pages where I needed them (assesment spots to evaluate and tweek goals I made and didn’t- monthly/ quarterly), colored pages/dividers, extra power sigils, etc.) Ms. Wen has also given us a crazy amount of lunar and solar detail in the daily/weekly sections.

And this is all just a measly $25.

Seriously people, its Spring cleaning time, end of March; if you aren’t where you want to be now with your planner or life- POUNCE  HERE right this second and get yourselves happily and metaphysically, back in stellar alignment!


The planner downloads economically in black and white (except for your natal and solar charts which are included in the cost). In mine above, the mandalas and colored parts and pages are strictly my additions. You can tailor yours as you wish too.

Oh, and Ms. Wen has amazing free downloads, some of which I included in my planner, like a brilliant business plan (designed for tarot pros) than turns out to be way better than my current biz plan template. It is not in pdf, so you can change it up to fit your business, as I’m doing this second. So check out these added resources as well (I just had to give her a donation for those…).  Benebell’s website is a wealth pot of resources. And then there is her wonderful book The Tao of Craft   (swoon). That is another post another day soon, with a soothing cup of tea.

Thank you, Thank you Benebell Wen!!  I am deeply grateful for all of your work and generosity! Please do this forever. 😉



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