Wishing You Joyous Holidays!

I hope this holiday finds you enjoying some quality chill time with family and friends.

Fall through Winter Solstice have been very busy times at Sacred Land Sage. The months have been filled with holiday prep and unexpected harvests: the rains brought unexpected growth to our Natives garden, especially the Black Sage bushes. They have literally grown crazy abundant with recent storms here in Northern California! No drought to be crying about now ;).  I must keep the Black Hummingbird Salvia bushes trimmed now- so they do not overshadow the White Sage Salvia apiana bushes-that always require full sun.


I’ve also been busy refilling and restocking; formulating new sage blends, bath salts, teas, oil infusions, and tinctures. Stay tuned for more new items coming this week. blend-cedarsage0093

Isn’t this leather bowl gorgeous? It was made by my friend Julie, a master leather craftswoman. I sent her photos of the most incredible rock art stone walls along the Colorado River, Moab, Utah, and she in turn began incorporating the designs into her work.


She said this wall inspired several new pieces. Check out her amazing work on Etsy- on HollyHawk Designs.

There are also 2 holiday promotions in my Etsy shop right now, and one on my Website: Sacredland Sage.  In my Etsy store, spend $40 and pay with Paypal- and get a free smudge bundle. I will also keep active the Solstice coupon through Dec. 31.  Orders over $50 can use Solstice coupon- 12% off (see the shop announcement for details). And Bonus; Etsy is also awarding a $10 coupon if you spend $50 in one shop- so this is a double great deal!


On my Website, enjoy low flat rate shipping in the US. I am slowly stocking this shop with more items, so do check back often this week. And if there is something you are looking for on the website- let me know with a message to this post.

I’ve stocked new natural, locally made incense: Premium Smudge grade incense sticks, all natural, and made with plants, stems, resins, and essential oils. There are several varieties in the incense section of my shop on Etsy, like these Premium 5-Resin blend Smudge Sticks (myrhh, frankincense, white sage, copal, palo santo).


Wishing you all a Joyous Holiday Season! Stay warm, and healthy. I have many Smudge Kits in the shop now for your New Year’s Smudging Ceremonies, which we celebrate through the Tibetan New Year. I’ll post more about those in my next post.

Sage ‘n Joy- Tara



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