Sacred Land Sage-Happy Birthday to Us!

Hello World! “Houston we have SAGE!!”

Aaaha!! Well, Sacred Land Sage is a todllering 2-Years old this month (squeeee!!) and some have told me that it’s about time that I stepped up to chat with the world about my young lil’ project, my BIG PASSION, Sacred Land Sage, and ALL-things-SAGE: growing ceremonial sages, native sages around the world, making Smudge Kits, and the various global and cultural traditions that inspire rituals with Sacred Plants. All those things that I go on and on about with them. 😉 Yes. Here we are!

I never dreamed that my personal smudge blends or studies of Sacred Plants used across the Americas (the world!) would strike a chord with so many others. Now, with over 2,400 sales at Sacred Land Sage on Etsy, and the dozens of questions I receive, it is clear: MANY believe in and NEED small rituals with sacred plants, just as I do; to create sacred space; to honor our our lives, find balance, and re-connect with Earth, the Elements, to Spirit- whatever we believe.

We all want to feel blessed. My vision in offering ceremonial sages and blends via Sacred Land Sage, is to offer simple treasures of the earth, Sages Stones, and Smudge supplies for Blessing ourselves and spaces. These are tools to empower you to create your own rituals. You may need a ritual to ground, center, celebrate, connect to the Earth or Sky via Sacred Smoke, honor the 4 Directions, or feel the movement of Energy in your life and circle. We all know best what we need when we take time to stop and listen.


My journey with sacred plants and stones started eons ago during childhood, among the sandy-red rocks, creatures, and plants of the Arizona desert. As a child I could feel something eternal about the desert. Desert survival classes were required for pre-schoolers then, but I could feel more: the Desert was teaming with Spirits. They were everywhere; their stories told in arrowheads, broken seashells, jumping cholla, sweet sages, and coyotes just-passing-through. At 4, I remember my friend had his Pueblo uncle visit. He was the first to “smudge” me and my friend with sage plants. It was an experience I’ll never forget- the strange smell and the way he swept dried plants over us; I remember holding my breath waiting for something to happen. I remember him telling me, “Child, breathe.” He took us out with him sometimes to show us the different “sacred plants” and demonstrate things like “gift before gathering” (we gave our favorite stones), and how to find “iron food of the earth”.

I became obsessed with collecting iron filings with magnets, collecting berries and plants, and never really told anyone why. Although at this age I was too young to understand what sacred meant, or why we were gathering plants and stones for any other reason than that they were pretty treasures, I never forgot the smoke or the feather “uncle” used, or that low rhythmic singing voice chanting words I couldn’t understand. I will always remember how delicately he handled those plants, his conviction that all things carry a Spirit within “like an egg”. And though I left my first desert home so long ago, I was given a gift: the knowledge that Earth’s treasures will always “take us home” again. Always.

This is what inspires my personal Sacred Sage blends, and Sacred Land Sage.



7 thoughts on “Sacred Land Sage-Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Congrats T.L. Your photo`s are Beautiful, I will benefit and have a better understanding of the smudging rituals, as you do the posting with your stories!! Very Cool!!


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